The lounge of the IFA was finally an appointment for the Philips brand to introduce three new ultra HD Android 4K TVs.

Over the years, Philips has become a big name in the TV industry, mainly due to its Ambilight technology, a system that offers the user to project light colored on the back of the tile to create an atmosphere in relation to the images displayed, and visual fatigue limit.

But at the time of the Ultra HD 4K, Philips is forced to rely on a lot more news to deceive the public. The brand has unveiled its TVs under the model 8900, 9100 and 7900.

Philips Ultra HD Android 4K TVs

The Philips TV 8900 offers a slab of 55 inches diagonally and puts on a curved screen in a chrome frame. It also ships with Android mobile system to partnership with Google and a certification from the OS to the TV.

Philips screens will be able to access services, and content offered by the Google Play Store and adapt to television applications. To better take advantage of the announcement, Android TVs will come with two remotes, one incorporating a pointer and keyboard.

The 7900 reference offers a screen of 55-inch Ultra HD 4K, but this time, the panel will be flat. As for 9100 TV there will be a high-end Edge LED which will be available in 55 and 65 inches.

No price or availability date have been released at this time.