Version 38 of Google Chrome is in beta testing. It offers a new interface to switch between users and log in guest mode, and introduces the 64-bit version by default for Mac users.

This week, Google delivered the final version of Chrome 37, which is accompanied by a 64-bit Windows declination available as an option. It is against default and not optional that the 64-bit version for OS X sign its debut with the beta of Chrome 38.

Implicitly, this means that when Chrome 38 stable version will enter, it will be only 64 bits for users of Apple's operating system. Those with an old Mac to non 64-bit architecture will be blocked to Chrome 37.

Besides consistency with Apple choice that favors 64-bit applications, contributions in connection with this choice may not be really noticeable to the user. However, Google highlights in particular a faster launch and reduced strain on system memory.

Google Chrome UI

Aside from the issue of 64-bit OS X, the beta of Chrome offers to test an overhaul of the functionality to switch between different users of the browser platforms on all supported devices.

The new design provides access to private browsing mode and now for registration as a guest (at the bottom of the window to switch users).

The beta of Google Chrome 38 can be downloaded from this page.