It's return was expected, after the buzz that raised the controversy, the game Flappy Bird is back in its official version, now with a multiplayer mode.

A few months ago Flappy Bird was the buzz on the web. The simple game which is quite addictive evolved in the top 10 of the most downloaded applications in a few days, raising the question of the massive use of bots to change the title in the standings.

The title itself was so controversial, since it takes a game system already released in the past, with graphical tab again borrowing elements from other games (Super Mario). The controversy was born, and as a result, the developer, Dong Nguyen decided to delete the download platforms under the pretext that it was too addictive while not disabling ads in the installed versions and continued to generate significant revenue.

Flappy Bird

Finally, it's almost in anonymity that the title releases again, as the "Flappy Bird Family", a variant of the "original game", with an expanded multiplayer version.

It contains unreleased obstacles, a slightly reworked environment, and a mode that lets you play with others.

Currently, the title is only available on Amazon's application market. It is difficult to know if it will be available on other iOS and Android platforms soon, and if it passes then it will also be temporary, as was the case with the first version.