In October, Apple would finally present its new smartphone, and at a particular date, since it would be a Tuesday.

According to MacRumors, Apple now considers to present and offer iPhone 6 for sale on October 14, after a keynote that will unveil a host of features.

A date which is of particular interest since it will be a Tuesday, while Apple has traditionally held the majority of its outlets on Friday. Precise timing that is of importance especially regarding the effect of suspense, with Friday as the highlight of the week, but also allows Apple to better organize its inventory. By offering its iPhone on Tuesday, it is 4 working days for the availability to Apple Stores, with a more complex inventory management.

iPhone 6

Finally, Apple could waive several rules in place during the era Jobs. The presentation of the iPhone 6 could thus well be held on September 16, without immediate availability. A tour of legerdemain that would allow Apple to reassure consumers and investors, while ensuring simultaneous release of two versions of smartphones as expected, the keynote on October 14 will focus more on the larger version, which have fallen behind in its production phase.

Finally, the keynote later than expected should also allow Apple to introduce other products, the final version of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, new iPad, a new Mac with an Ultra HD 4K screen, and why not iWatch, just waiting for the release of iOS 8.