Nvidia has just lifted the veil on its next mobile gaming solution: the Shield tablet.

So the rumors were true, Nvidia did indeed intend to propose a new version of its Shield, its handheld operating under Android, but in a very small size.

When the Shield first name was chosen as the handheld screen: a device on which it was grafted with a 5-inch touchscreen, Nvidia prefers now to offer a much more versatile, but also traditional machine: a tablet format in 8-inches.

This is potentially the most powerful tablet currently, or at least the most efficient device for the games. Nvidia has set the bar high and the specifications of the machine is impressive.

One thus finds an IPS panel of 8-inches size 16/10 proposing a definition of 1920x1200 pixels. Under the hood there is a powerful platform of Nvidia Tegra K1 officially, itself composed of 4+1 core of ARM A15 Coretx clocked at 2.2GHz, 2GB LPDDR3 Kepler GPU and 192 SP.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

The Shield is equipped with 16 GB of storage on the WiFi version and 32GB in its 3G/4G versions. It provides Bluetooth 4.0 connections, a Micro SD card reader, GPS, Gyroscopes, two 5 megapixel camera, a mini HDMI output, micro USB port, and two speakers on the front. Its autonomy is announced for 10 hours.

Nvidia announced that its tablet is at least twice as powerful as any other tablet on the market. This is good news primarily for the players, and as such it will be delivered with a game title Trine 2.

To perfect its system, Nvidia provides accessories including a Shield Controller, a joystick that connects via WiFi and has a touchpad, a microphone and a jack.

There is also the feature that was the core of the Shield project originally: the ability to stream games from a PC with an Nvidia graphics card (GTX 650 minimum) to the tablet screen and monitor.

The good news is also located on the price side, since the tablet is positioned at the iPad Mini with an entrance at 299€ for the 16GB version and 399€ for the 32GB 3G/4G version. It will take €59 for the Shield Pad and 29€ for the Top Cover. The set will be available from August 14th and is already available for pre-order from many online shopping sites.