Just days after the launch of its test button "I buy", the social network Facebook has announced the upcoming arrival of a feature allowing users to save pages to suit their course on the site.

Facebook will soon launch a function of "backup" which is expected to maintain ties spotted on users pages. It can be a functionality related to a system of bookmarks.

"Every day, people find all sorts of interesting things on Facebook and they do not have the time to explore yet. Now you can save things found on Facebook to watch later when you have more time" shares Giabalvo Daniel, an engineer at Facebook.

The feature is intended discreet: only the user who saved the links may accede unless you want to share information with their contacts.

Facebook Save Button

This time, Facebook announced the unlock functionality to all users of the network in the coming days, and since the web version as from the network dedicated to mobile application.

For Facebook, it's a new way to expand its average usage time and mainly with the mobile users using a smartphone or tablet. The network hopes that users will back link from their mobile and enjoy their return to their homes to continue to access the network from a landline.