Three years after its appearance on the iPhone, the application Facebook Messenger finally lands on iPad. Facebook continues its crusade on instant messengers.

Undisputed leader of social networks, Facebook also intends to become the leader of the instant messaging market share for some time with others securely installed.

To do this Facebook continues to rely on the power of social network to impose its dedicated messaging application. Two months to the day after having made ​​compulsory on the iPhone, the publisher recently participated in the conquest of the iPad.

So far the Facebook Messenger application was not adapted to the iPad. On the Apple tablet, the messages were satisfied with smaller insets shown superimposed on the main Facebook application. Enough to discourage the use of this e-mail in favor of competing solutions.

Facebook Messenger for iPad

Now, three years after its launch, the application Facebook Messenger has finally inaugurated a suitable interface. The arrangement is agreed with a side panel listing the conversations and the actual center conversations.

If the dedicated application is not immediately required for the iPad, it is likely that it will be soon incorporated. Facebook also fills up on competing solutions like iMessage, Skype or Google Hangouts, and takes a step ahead of its own subsidiary on WhatsApp and Viber, which is historically focused on mobile phones.

Download Facebook Messenger iPad from this link.