Windows 8 Home Screen replaces the old Start Menu. But with Windows 9, the new Start Menu replaces the Home Screen.

This is not a complete coaster but Microsoft seems to give us some reason. The shot of the two interfaces - Modern UI and Office - Windows 8 was too disruptive to users of keyboard and mouse. A concern that obscures the performance to higher operating system.

Windows 8.1 and updating spring shooting began to be corrected. For example, the ability to zap the Home Screen thought better linked between the two environments. Windows 9 has a Start Menu that should make a comeback and could detract from the Home Screen.

Windows 9

Following recent indiscretions on Windows Threshold for Windows 9, Paul Thurrott has added his stone to the edifice rumors from sources that generally can be seen.

The surprise announcement that the Start Menu will replace the Home Screen in Threshold. But it's a Start Menu that is not old as we have already glimpse with the model presented in April by Microsoft.

The latter mixture including traditional applications on the desktop with modern applications, to incorporate dynamic thumbnails. In sum, this is a Start Menu that is also based on the current Home screen and will accompany the ability to run modern applications in a window on the desktop.

According to Paul Thurrott, the new Start Menu will have similar dimensions to the Start Menu of Windows 7. But there is a trick. The touch Hardware Wizard will start with the Start Menu in full screen to offer a similar experience with the current Home screen.

Recall that according to Mary Jo Foley, there will by no cons Bureau for tablets and smartphones running Windows Threshold or ARM device architecture currently running Windows RT.