More than 7000 Steam Keys for Sniper Elite 3 had just been revoked by Steam

It is precisely 7050 Keys of Sniper Elite 3, a proposed version of cloud gaming in PC have been a revoked this week. The keys were stored in the PC distributor, and were eventually sold from several sources.

Neither Valve nor the creator of the game, Rebellion (and publisher 505), have received their share of the sale of the lot. And so the platform Steam has just decided to revoke the rights of the whole lot key.

Sniper Elite 3

Anyone who has purchased one of these games can not currently access over the title, but to console, Steam has announced that when anyone would buy the game on a more reliable platform, they would also gain access to free DLC Target Hitler. Rebellion also has spoken to the players in a statement:

"All we can suggest you if you are affected then you need to contact your dealer to request a replacement key, and contact us to access the pre-order DLC."

Currently, online sites resale dematerialized games at bargain prices. So be careful when you do make a good deal with a Steam game.