Razer is a brand specialized in the PC market who has just announced its own console.

Razer is now trying to get out of its privileged sector activity, the accessories dedicated for gamers, to always reach more people. Besides the various accessories dedicated to smartphones and even a bracelet "Nabu", the brand has announced that it is soon going to launch a micro console operating under Android TV.

The brand made the announcement of the project in a press release without revealing more details, but there is a safe bet that the console will ship the new Nvidia Tegra K1 chip which is offered with a video demonstration of Unreal Engine 4 at the end of last week.

It is also the only one to support the new Android TV platform currently. It carries dual core ARMv8 64-bit and a GPU Kepler 192 processing units. To give an idea of ​​the power and capabilities of the chip, it has two times less computational units of a GeForce GT 640 or GTX 660M only.

Razer Micro-Consoles

We should find the power required to run games so far reserved for PC (within certain limits), with ever more sophisticated graphics such as demo of Unreal Engine 4 that was presented.

However, keep in mind that like the Ouya and other Android consoles already out, the market has quickly shown some limitations, and developers and publishers are fairly hesitant to invest in such a small market and provide true AAA titles. Ouya even launched several fundraising campaigns to attract publishers and encourage them to have titles on the console, with meager results.

Therefore it difficult to know if Razer consoles will succeed where others have failed, because it is definitely not a simple question of power or price, but really the willingness of publishers to make these platforms a success in bringing securities promised during campaigns.