When Facebook announced the repurchase of Oculus Rift and virtual reality, the gaming community was concerned about the future of the project. However, players could finally smile again since Mark Zuckerberg announced to sell the device at low cost price.

The Oculus Rift is under the spotlight since the launch of its crowdfunding platforms, and many believe that the virtual reality helmet will be the future of gaming and entertainment.

Unfortunately, when Facebook bought Oculus VR for $ 2 billion, rumors indicated that the social network could divert the first use of the helmet, or it would eventually be released or transformed into "advertising Broadcaster."

In an interview with Ars Technica, Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus stated, however, that Facebook would reduce the maximum margins on the sale of the device, until the offer at low cost price if possible.

Oculus Rift

"We want to generate a new economic model with Oculus Rift, a model that we hope will be profitable and will not make us lose money. Mark is much more in the spirit "launching on the market best achievable product at the lowest possible price."

The CEO today hoped that the first model sold will pass 1 million units, and it will revolutionize the world of gaming. This marketing would however not be considered before the end of 2015.

What remains to see is that the competition for Oculus is not alone in this field. Sony recently introduced its Morpheus, a helmet for the PS4 with a similar objective.