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Thread: Share More through 1GB Free WeChat Cloud Storage

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    Share More through 1GB Free WeChat Cloud Storage

    Wechat has came up with an new idea of offering free cloud storage to its user. Through cloud space you can store many photos and videos and share them instantly with your friend without worrying about hiked data charges. Wechat cloud is free till 1GB. It is one of the widely used instant messaging applications on the web. Till yet no other popular chat messenger has came up with a separate cloud storage. We share photos, and videos quiet often with our friends. When you share the photos/videos are first uploaded from your phone and then downloaded back on the persons mobile with whom you had shared the content. This cost your upload and download charges both. But in Wechat you have to upload one time only. You can just access your online storage and share files easily whenever you want, without uploading it again and again. It also makes your job easier. Your files are online and you can access them anytime.

    WeChat Chat Messenger

    You can delete videos/photos from your phone and still a copy in on Wechat cloud. The cloud provide you option to store documents also. So here Wechat has extended its usage by adding document support. Few popular chat messenger does not allow you to share text or Microsoft Office files. You can also store voice notes in them and share them instantly. Another feature of this cloud storage is that once you upload something you can access that on different devices. This is a easy to use solution which help many to share files.

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    Re: Share More through 1GB Free WeChat Cloud Storage

    That looks great. I am using Wechat and I am eager to signup that 1GB storage. I had shifted from WhatsApp because there I was unable to send Microsoft Word and Excel files. And for that I use Gmail. Now I can use Wechat only for that purpose. It will be quiet easy to share bills and docs with other people.

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