Motorola Solutions joined the companies by signing a licensing agreement with Microsoft to cover its patents used by devices running Android and Chrome OS.

It is not Motorola Mobility but Motorola Solutions who has just signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft on patents. It concerns Motorola Solutions devices operating on Android and Chrome OS.

In 2011, Motorola was split into two companies: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Google acquired the manufacturer of smartphones and tablets to the public and it will separate by the end of the year in favor of Lenovo while maintaining the patent portfolio.

Motorola Solutions included work in the segment of business with hardened embedded devices and related services. Such products are destined for various work environments including shops, warehouses, police services, public administrations.

Motorola Solutions Logo

Last week, the group competitor Zebra Technologies, specializing in bar code and RFID solutions, announced the acquisition of the business division dedicated to Motorola Solutions for $3.45 billion.

The terms of the agreement between Microsoft and Motorola Solutions are not known. Little doubt, however. Microsoft says it covers the use of global patents for devices from Motorola Solutions works with the Android platform and Chrome OS.

Like similar agreements with more than twenty players like Dell there a few weeks, Microsoft will receive royalties on sales of certain products of Motorola Solutions.

These famous sales is not publicly disclosed by Microsoft, and therefore bearing on intellectual property in Android and Chrome OS technology patents, allow it to collect $2 billion per year by some estimates.