The professional social network LinkedIn passes the 300 million users, more than half of them outside the United States.

The social network LinkedIn, which specializes in linking between professionals, today announced that it passed the 300 million members worldwide, including 100 million users on its native market, the United States.

It is therefore noted that the majority of members of the professional social network were recruited in other markets. However, Deep Nishar, head of user experience at LinkedIn, dreams the growth opportunities within the 3.3 billion people who conduct business in the world.

Going public in 2011, the social network has attempted to increase services to facilitate the contact and flow of information within industrial sectors, with varying degrees of success depending on the proposals.

Like other social networks, the shift toward mobile usage is critical and LinkedIn expects to see mobile users spend the 50% of all traffic. In many markets, mobile access has already become the preferred professional social network path.

Mobile applications have been treated based on the platforms to meet this demand and continue to be refined through partnerships with manufacturers and publishers platforms like Apple, Samsung or Nokia, says Deep Nishar, while China is more than ever an opportunity for growth.

LinkedIn offers an infographic summarizing its activities during the course of the 300 million members below:

LinkedIn Summary