After a period of testing, Chrome Remote Desktop has been made available in the final version on the Google Play Store. The application simply offers Android users to access their PC remotely from their smartphone or tablet.

In recent years, the remote controlling on computers has evolved and simplified to switch almost exclusively to workplace users which is more oriented towards leisure and convenience as per their needs.

Chrome Remote Desktop played on this ground and now is available for users of smartphones equipped with the Android system to take control of their computer remotely from a single application.

Chrome Remote Desktop App

Initially available in its Chrome browser, it is now a full-fledged application that is available to users on mobile.

The application allows you to view the desktop of the PC from the screen of a mobile devices and the control simply by dragging your fingers. The objective is to allow users to launch programs when they are absent (antivirus, music player) to recover all their return, or even access files stored on anyone's desktop PC from your mobile.

Google said that iOS version compatible for iPhone and iPad would soon be proposed.