The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi always knows how to sell smartphones online but the lot of its last phablet Redmi Note has taken longer than usual to find a buyer.

Chinese brand Xiaomi is part of the new Chinese players in mobile telephony and it has achieved success of its smartphones to high-end features, although selling at aggressive rates.

This miracle is partly due to the fact that the manufacturer spends little on marketing and distribution channels and relies heavily on social networks and viral marketing to capture public attention.

This effect is increased by the fact that the manufacturer usually sells small batches of its devices, tens to hundreds of thousands of units that flow very quickly from the opening orders.

Xiaomi Redmi Note

Xiaomi has regularly announced sales of batches of 100,000 units of some of its smartphones in a few minutes (sometimes less), reflecting strong demand for this specific niche. This repeated success attracted the attention of other Chinese manufacturers who are also trying to enjoy the buzz generated on social networks to compensate for the weakness of their distribution networks and try to make a new emerging economic model.

Faced with a model that generalizes, will Xiaomi lose visibility? This is the question posed by some observers noting that its last phablet called the Redmi Note has seen its share of 100,000 units elapsed in 34 minutes.

A nice result but still far from the three or four minutes of other models of the brand. It is true that the phablet ranked once will not hurt on a lower niche range and thus may have hit the public taste.