Now, you can use your Playstation 3 joystick to play games on your smartphone.

This support is offered by a device called GameHook GH-101, available from the online shop Brando. With dimensions of 12.3 x 13 x 10 cm and weighing 92 grams, it has indeed a teaser for the Dualshock 3 controller of the Sony console and a base with removable jaws to fit the smartphone format (between 11 and 16 centimeters in length). The connection between the handle and the smartphone is done through a Micro-USB cable, which is supplied with the device.

Gamehook GH101

The GameHook GH-101 is displayed at 24 dollars, the equivalent of 17 euros. Interestingly enough for a price to gain comfort during gaming sessions on smartphone with a lever on the proven ergonomics. Anyway, the solution will always be less expensive compared to several tens of euros as that of Samsung.

The owners of a jailbroken iPhone can even pay less opting for a Cydia application to $ 1.99.