The lack of enthusiasm of the press during the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the last MWC could also be put on the buying side of analysts.

It is not released yet but it might already be a failure: the Samsung Galaxy S5 has not surprised or excited crowds expectation when the manufacturer introduced its high-end smartphone.

Subtle changes put the S5 for a simple evolution of S4 that was already criticized at the time and presented as a slight evolution of S3, all charged at full price.

According to Lee Min-Hee, an analyst at IM Investment & Securities, sales of the next high-end smartphone from Samsung will be disappointing, at least during the first quarter of its launch.

It seems that Samsung has selected its bad timing, in fact, an obstacle to sales will rise to the manufacturer without it comes to any devices connected to its popularity: Korean operators will be within the scope of a prohibition sale over a period from March to May.

For the rest of the world, Samsung has already attracted criticism after a major fire broke out in one of its plants and reminds our good memories with various security problems having led to the death of employees on site manufacturing of the mark. The fire could play on the volume of Galaxy S5 available for sale, provided, the analyst does not consider stock-out, simply because the device would be shunned by users.

Galaxy S4 had however been a great success for Samsung, despite criticism that it appears today for the S5. The launch of the latter may well be below the expectations of Samsung, but we expect that the manufacturer quickly reaches new sales records, or it will catch up with a mini version or another version of its platform.