California Justice has confirmed its decision on the dispute between Samsung to Apple. The South Korean firm will pay a fine of 927.9 million dollars to its competitor. However, it will still sell its smartphones. Samsung has appealed for the judgment.

American Judge Lucy Koh finally has decided. It has confirmed the conviction of Samsung to pay a fine of 927.9 million dollars. This amount (initially 1.049 billion) had already been lowered after a second trial between Apple to the South Korean firm.

Apple thus obtained maintaining this heavy fine but it is accompanied by counterparties. Samsung will continue marketing the twenty brands of devices (the Galaxy range) in the U.S. Justice has again rejected Apple's arguments that the sale of these phones would cause irreparable harm.

To recap, Apple accuses its rival of having used several patents relating to the design and the touch controls of the iPhone without authorization. Samsung for its part considers that the Apple brand has also violated several patents for which it owns the rights.

Samsung and Apple smartphones

For Apple, this decision by the U.S. court does not appear to be actually a clear victory as its goal was to ban Samsung products in the United States. The next device of the firm will indeed embark characteristics similar to those covered by the complaint.

For its part, Samsung disputes the amount of the fine. They said to Bloomberg, the presence of devices covered by the patent is not sufficient to operate or sell a smartphone. The manufacturer shall therefore forward its work and will appeal the judgment.

Since 2011, Apple and Samsung are multiplying legal fights and almost systematically challenge the decisions of justice. The latter is no exception to this rule passed. A new trial between the two giants is indeed already planned for later in the month.