The Advanced Micro Devices Group has announced a new GPU called Radeon E8860.

With its graphics solutions, AMD not only address the general public to equip Desktops, notebooks, tablet computers or gaming consoles.

Through solutions like embedded Radeon E8860 based on Adelaar technology that has just unveiled in the North American giant targeted indeed in areas such as digital signage, medicine, aerospace and army. But it can also be found in gaming machines and appliances.

AMD Embedded Radeon E8860

Shipping 640 processors and 2 GB of GDDR5 video memory interfaced in 128-bit, the Radeon E8860 graphics solution provides a computing power of 768 Gflop/s - 1 Gflop/s is equivalent to return 1 billion operations per second - single-precision and 48 Gflop/s in double precision to enable multi-screen, 3D effects and Ultra HD 4K resolution on devices connected to LVDS, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort display. All this with a power consumption not exceeding 37 Watts at full load. Compatibility is ensured with the Windows and Linux operating systems.