Fujitsu demonstrated at MWC 2014 Barcelona a touchpad whose display can be smooth or rough textured depending on the image.

Will the ability to simulate textures be a standard feature of tablet computers of tomorrow? Several companies are working on this subject, which creates a feeling of smooth or rougher texture on one side of the screen, for example according to the displayed image.

The Japanese company Fujitsu at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona has shown a prototype tablet with such a screen and using ultrasonic vibrations to produce a sensation of smooth texture or rather a rough feel, catching the finger.

Fujitsu Texture

Combined with other elements (visual, audio, pending the olfactory track?), the group believes that it is possible to create a new user experience that is richer and more immersive. One can also imagine that it can be of practical value for the visually impaired noting specific areas of the screen.

Fujitsu shows to be exploring in all cases for the potential applications of the invention and find business opportunities during its 2015 fiscal year.