An Amazon page for Spigen cases accidentally shows new variants of Samsung Galaxy S5 but also a Galaxy S5 Prime.

The Amazon site shows several pages of covers and cases for Spigen brand that refer to the new Galaxy S5. One of these pages even displays an image of what is supposed to be the device with the cover, which reveals little information about a smartphone except that the dual LED flash is placed beneath the sensor photo.

Interesting element, Amazon pages refer to two models of smartphones of Galaxy S5, one simply called Galaxy S5 and the other Galaxy S5 Prime. Potential differences between the two models are not shown but the information is to bring the latest rumors that indeed shows two different models that can wear this type of name.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Also note that these accessories are advertised as being in stock from April 15, which may give an indication of the availability of the device itself, expected somewhere in the second quarter of the year, unless a launch early in the month of March.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Pics