Microsoft releases an update to SkyDrive which is now integrated with Windows 8.1. It marks the return of the SkyDrive sync icon in the notification area on the desktop and an option for the Modern UI application.

In addition to its Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released several updates this week. Some users of Windows 8.1, noticed the chance to realize that there was much more than a few security updates announced.

Along with serveral updates, Microsoft has included an update to SkyDrive. The name change has not yet taken place and it will probably take Windows 8.1 Update 1 for OneDrive. However, the update seems to solve synchronization problems that were reported.


It also marks the return of the icon shaped cloud in the notification area on the desktop that had been mysteriously removed last year. It allows any synchronization issues and gives access to SkyDrive in the File Explorer.

For the Modern UI version of SkyDrive, a message now warns the status of synchronization while option to free up disk space has emerged putting all its SkyDrive files online only.