Soon there will be an end for the Nexus range devices? Google would consider ending the marketing of smartphones and tablets under its name to focus on Google Play editions devices.

According to the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who held information from sources close to Google, the Mountain View company would consider not to propose new models of tablets and smartphones of Nexus from 2015. Only Google Play editions offered by other manufacturers devices remain available in the online store of the company.

Among the smartphones that are already benefiting from this variation are, in particular, the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, the Xperia Z Ultra or Motorola Moto G. These devices proposed in the Google Play Store, have all the distinction of offering a "pure" version of Google without overlay software applied by their respective manufacturer.

Eldar Murtazin said if it is true, Google could therefore propose new models of tablets and smartphones of Nexus sometime in 2014 and then stop spending on it, focusing on partnerships with other manufacturers.

Eldar Murtazin Twitter Information

A double-edged event because the Play Edition devices from Samsung, HTC and others are generally more effective than those offered by Google Nexus - which include no microSD card readers - they are also available at rates significantly higher. In the immediate future, European consumers can easily get an idea, as proposed by Google Play Edition devices that are reserved for the U.S. market.

Nevertheless, the disappearance of the Nexus range lead to a revised range Play Edition, probably more open to the world market and allow a smooth transition from the competitive offer from Google. Finally, it is worth noting that this is a rumor, and that the company has not made any comments on the issue.