Acer has finally announced the successor to its Chromebook C710 version that was launched a year ago.

The manufacturer has announced the C720, a month ago, but the introductory price of $250 is $50 higher than its predecessor. Or at this price level, this represents a substantial increase of 25%!

Taking advantage of the suspension of the sale of HP 11 Chromebook, Acer therefore raised a $200 model: a variation of the latter model, answering reference C720-2848. It differs from the last model since its RAM is halved and reduced to 2 GB as its predecessor. An amount otherwise well enough in view of the moderate use for which it is intended.

Acer C720 Chromebook

We also found the same Intel Haswell platform and the same Celeron 1.4 GHz on the first C720, the same 16GB SSD or the same HD screen (1366 x 768) 11.6-inch, topped with a 720p HD webcam.

This Acer Chromebook C720 with 2 GB of RAM is now available in the United States. Hopefully it will soon be marketed in other parts, where it would be welcome in addition C720P touchscreen, sold at 270 euros.