NVIDIA continues developments around its portable gaming console Shield with a software update offered to its owners for a few hours. On the menu, its Android 4.3, but also a map for android games, launching the Gamestream function or the console mode.

Although Shield is not (yet) sold on European soil, it appears as an interesting halfway between the portable game console and Android hybrid tablet device. Equipped for memory of NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, Shield console update its Android software version to 4.3. This will allow users to move their applications and files on any game while the "Home" button on the console allows access via a double-tap to open a recent app in the microSD card.

Even more interesting, NVIDIA offers with this update a map, ie; a software that will allow to affect physical checks of its console to perform actions in the game, in fact the catalog of Android games console thickens considerably when the map is able to automatically download the right profiles from the cloud, depending on the game launched.

Nvidia Shield

This update is an opportunity for NVIDIA to launch its GameStream, function already previously available as Beta, and to stream from your PC (video games) on the console with 720p and with a limited catalog. NVIDIA claims to support only 50 PC games with this update. So you can not stream the latest Batman or the last Splinter Cell games. NVIDIA enables effective control of unsupported games when launched from Steam Big Picture mode and the PC side should have a minimum of GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce 331.58 drivers with GeForce Experience 1.7 for this to work.

Also, a console mode for a game console that might sound weird is launched by Nvidia. This is to connect the console to the Shield TV via an HDMI cable, and play 1080p games for Android or PC to stream its games or watch videos. Everything is controlled by a Bluetooth gamepad, the screen of Shield then being closed. We gain a full HD resolution which overcomes the vagaries of wireless