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Thread: Google Smart Watch to be revealed soon

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    Google Smart Watch to be revealed soon

    Will Google soon reveal watches in the market? The rumor is started from the beginning of the week.

    It is the site 9to5Google who started the rumor on Monday: citing an unnamed source, the site says that Google is working on a Smart Watch by the name of Gem code. Google Now service is the heart of the device.

    Google Now service is now more evolved in the United States than in France and also provides access to different features when used on an Android smartphone in France. Besides the weather, for example, it is possible to use geolocation to find the distance between the user of certain places, track packages shipped to view airline or hotel reservations, information collected through in Gmail. Offered alongside the search engine in Android devices, the service could actually have the potential of a connected device like a watch.

    The unit would be build on the Bluetooth 4.0 functions to provide a broad range, and could be connected to any smartphone with Android. It could be an important asset, as other manufacturers, including Samsung, tend to restrict their watches connectivity with smartphones of their brands.

    Google Smart Watch

    The possibility of a watch to get connected at Google is not illogical, since the company has the potential of Android. Present on the smartphone market via its LG, Asus and Samsung partner, Google may, for its watch, based on Wimm Labs, acquired a company acquired in 2012. According to the source 9to5Google, the announcement of the device would be close, and could match the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat.

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    Re: Google Smart Watch to be revealed soon

    The watch would be very focused on Google Now feature to receive "automatically useful information throughout the day." If anyone imagines how it could work, well, press a button, ask a question and get an answer directly from your watch. Obviously in the end, we get notifications on which we could access the SMS, email or calendar alerts for examples.

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