Fujitsu Lifebook U904 Ultrabook is a new amazing piece of hardware which is coming up with many live benefits. Ultra-books are small size systems which lack a good hardware config due to which they fall low on performance. Most of them are considered ideal for day to day office job only. But here through Lifebook U904, Fujitsu is going to go beyond in terms of performance. This new system is expected to have a Intel croe i7 processor and ram upgrade support upto 10GB. You can add up ram as per your need. LifeBook U904 is a blazing fast ultra book which is small and powerful. You can use high end application on it and it works with each. It is very lightweight and has sleek deign that fits well in a bag. This ultrabook is just around 0.61inch thin. And the weight is around 3.15lbs. So you can imagine the design here. The screen is around 14inch which is more than enough for playing multimedia files with web surfing. The maximum resolution it offers is 3,200 x 1,800. This is really amazing.

Fujitsu Lifebook U904 Ultrabook

Fujitsu has also worked on the battery life. Being a protable device, it is not meant for single place usgae . So battery life should be higher so that you can effectivey use it wherever you go. The ultrabook also gives 4G/LTE connectivity. This adds more to the connectivity features. For stroage at the time of purchase you will get two choices. At one side you can use Hyrbid Devcies while on the other you can go ahead with a SSD. You can have anyone of them. Both of them are cabale of giving you high end output. Yet the model is not finaly released, but as per the features we had seen the system looks very impressive.