Microsoft has officially launched Krish 3 game for Windows devices. As per the giant IT company this new game will be provided on Windows 8 tablets and laptop. Krish 3 game is based on the theme of upcoming sci-fi Indian movie Krish 3 starring Hrithik Roshan. The movie move ahead with more better storyline and amazing action based on the storyline of its older version. Krish 3 Game looks to be a part of promotion. The game is developed by Hungama Digital Media with Gameshashtra. As per Microsoft, the game is loaded with tons of excitement. It has many different characters with numerous weapons and great graphic line. The game will be provided on Windows App store. you can download the game directly and enjoy it. There is no charge for the same. Overall the game is going to have 6 levels which is placed in Mumbai City. The game goes ahead with smooth story line and great action. Here the game provide you to choose different characters to play. They are Krish, Kaal, Kaaya, and Frogman.

Krish 3

Krish 3 is on one of the most biggest movie going to release in November. The last part was highly accliamed by people due to good storyline and great graphics.Before this a offical app is alraedy prvoided for Android devcies. This app provide the current updates on movie, it still, songs, video and many more stuff. But the game is not yet available for Android. It looks it is goiing to be launched for Windows platform only. There is very few information revealed about the game. Like a short gameplay video. There are huge expectation from the same on the final release.