One month before the launch, Microsoft announced details of the release of Windows 8.1, which will be distributed in box packages or via downloading. The price remains the same as that practiced for Windows 8, but the notion of publishing updated disappears.

Windows 8.1 will be available as a free update to all those who already use Windows 8, but Microsoft is counting on the new version of its operating system to gain market share and therefore intends to place with those who always have PC running with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. To this end, the new OS will logically be installed by default on many computers and tablets, but also sold alone, either boxed in the traditional distribution or via downloading.

The publisher said on Tuesday about its pricing policy in this field. It announced a price of $119.99 for Windows 8.1 and U.S. $199.99 for Windows 8.1 Pro which is identical to those charged, excluding promotional campaign for Windows 8 price. The publisher says at the same time that these two issues are full versions of the operating system, which does not require the purchaser to be already in possession of a previous edition of Windows.

Windows 8.1 Box

For those who opt for an installation in the form of update, Microsoft states the content of operations. From a Windows 7 PC, you can install Windows 8.1 maintaining personal files, but need to manually reinstall its desktop software, including Microsoft Office. For XP and Vista, the editor indicates that the update is not possible: it will therefore save its files and settings before installing on a new system, and then repatriate their personal data.

Microsoft says that the end buyers of consumer edition 8.1 will switch to the Pro version in exchange for 99.99 dollars. The Media Center is meanwhile charged option at $9.99.