Western Digital has finally launched a 4 TB WD Green hard drive, for storage in a conventional computer.

Western Digital is expanding its range of hard drives by launching 4 TB WD Green hdd, two weeks after launching a Red WD 4TB.

It must be said that Green WD 4TB is nothing other than a Red WD 4TB based on a different firmware. Red family is intended specifically for server storage RAID as the Green family is intended to complement the HDD or SSD hosting the operating system in a computer.

 WD Green 4 TB Hard Drive

Just as WD40EFRX, so WD40EZRX is based on four 1TB platters rotating between 5400 rpm and 5900 rpm (with the speed called IntelliPower). But it operates and puts its head faster, which reduces access time and also increases noise while reducing longevity. MTBF (mean time between failures) is also more pressed and guarantee is given from 3 to 2 years.

The 4 TB WD Green, responding to WD40EZRX reference, is now available at a retail price of 180 euros.