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Thread: SanDisk CFast 2.0 World's Fastest Memory Card Launched

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    SanDisk CFast 2.0 World's Fastest Memory Card Launched

    SanDisk announced yesterday "world's fastest memory card", CompactFlash up to 450 MB/s.

    SanDisk announced yesterday two new lines of CompactFlash cards, one for professional videographers, one for filmmakers.

    For if the progress in flash memory, SanDisk have announced SD cards that fit almost all needs. The introduction of the Ultra HD 4K recently revived interest in the aging of CompactFlash, which is getting a health opportunity. At the end of 2010, the CompactFlash Association has launched the UDMA 7 and increased the maximum rate of traditional cards, which had not changed since 2004, to 167 MB/s. Then last September, the CFA has announced the development of the CFast 2.0, finally marking the abandonment of Parallel ATA (also called IDE) in favor of Serial ATA.

    A year later, SanDisk finally launched the first CFast 2.0 cards, unsurprisingly claiming the title of the world's fastest memory cards. They actually promised transfer rates of 450 MB/s read and 350MB/s write, close to those of the latest generation of SSD and far ahead of those best CompactFlash XQD or even.

    If the read-only rates can transfer files faster, such write speeds meet the requirements of film cameras in 4K turning into intermediate codecs (not compressed) without downsampling color (4:4:4) and/or high speed (120 i/s and above).

    The SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 are available in capacities of 60 or 120 GB. No price is unfortunately released, but we're talking in all cases of several hundred of dollars.

    SanDisk CFast Memory Card

    SanDisk also announced the renewal of its line of Extreme Pro CompactFlash cards, which enhances the maximum flow capacity.

    The new cards are now certified as VPG-65, which guarantees a minimum write speed of 65MB/s continuously. They can reach a point up to 160 MB/s read and 150MB/s write, nearly the theoretical maximum of 6.0 and UDMA 7 CF standards used.

    These cards are available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and a new capacity of 256 GB respectively at 120, 220, 440, 950 and 1900 dollars.
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    Re: SanDisk CFast 2.0 World's Fastest Memory Card Launched

    The CFast cards also bring a new physical format, measured as 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3 mm (Type I) or 36.4 x 42.8 x 5 mm (Type II), the CFast 2.0 cards adds a "professional" format of 3.6 mm thick. The cards will be compatible with DEVSLP signal (Serial ATA Device Sleep) which allows it to gain autonomy. The CFast 2.0 is obviously a professional format for the cameras filming in 2K or 4K that require high throughput.

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