Facebook wants to strengthen the tools available to the mobile users and has just completed the acquisition of Mobile Technologies Jibbigo, specializing in voice recognition.

Founded in 2001, the Mobile Technologies company has a subsidiary called Jibbigo, which specializes in voice recognition technology and translation. The developers have designed an application available on iOS and Android, and thus join the development team of the network.

Jibbigo offers mobile users to dictate a sentence to get out of hand with a voice or written translation. The company says that they are the only one to have developed a voice translation service that is also operating without an Internet connection with the possibility, through integrated procurement, downloading local translators.

Jibbigo technology could be deployed in several ways, whether it should be to automate the translation of publications thread updates via the instant messaging module or the to a VoIP service.

Facebook is of course not the only company to take an interest in this area. Last year Microsoft Research engineers have designed a tool that can replicate a voice and use it to translate a message in a foreign language. At the end of last month, we learned that Google is also planning on a translation tool in real time particularly accurate.