Having signed a 30 million dollar deal with Apple for the iPad, the Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles has announced that the tablet would be given for free for all students in the city.

The city of Los Angeles was finally voted in favor of Apple computer equipment for its schools, and its Google Chromebooks have obviously not appeal the board.

31,000 iPad should be assigned to all students from autumn this year in the first phase and 640,000 other tablets will complement the ranks in order to equip each student with a working mobile solution by the end of 2014.

Apple announced that its agreement would not fit under 47 institutions and campuses.

The contract with the city of Los Angeles means that Apple installs a set of educational tools for the iPad assigned to students. Applications provided by the national education will include Apple's iLife and also iWork suites.

Apple had already made an update to make iPad compatible with Textbook formats. The $30 million contract should not allow to acquire the first batch of 31,000 iPad, the city should have recourse to external funding for 640,000 additional copies announced.