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Thread: YouTube now lets you to Add a Subscribe Button anywhere on the Web

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    YouTube now lets you to Add a Subscribe Button anywhere on the Web

    YouTube launches a customizable button for subscription to any channel. For free or paid channels, it can be embedded on any site.

    Online video platform by Google puts great emphasis on strings. However, until now, the only way to subscribe to a channel was to go to the YouTube site itself. This is no longer the case.

    YouTube Unveils subscription channels buttons whose code is to be integrated into third-party websites. These buttons are available for the free or paid YouTube channels. Their creation is very simple with also a touch of personalization.

    It is possible to opt for a standard button or the name of the channel, its logo, a white or dark background, etc. The user can subscribe in one click without leaving the site where the button is available. The channel appears on the YouTube homepage and for all devices.

    Note that if the string associated with the button is paid, the button points to the chain. There is no automatic subscription.

    YouTube imposes conditions such as buttons must be fully and clearly visible, and prohibits the association of a promotion or rewards in exchange for a click on the button. The buttons should also not be used for the tracking data to a user.

    These buttons should allow YouTube to encourage more users to subscribe to channels.

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    Re: YouTube now lets you to Add a Subscribe Button anywhere on the Web

    YouTube offers three styles of buttons for free channels and three for paid channels. In the latter case, the button does not trigger an automatic subscription but points to the chain. The web designers should follow three rules laid down by YouTube also. Users should not be encouraged to click on the button to receive an award, said button must be "clearly and completely" visible, and finally, it is forbidden to use this button to collect data relating to the navigation or the actions of visitors.

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