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Thread: Nvidia will ship Shield units from July 31

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    Nvidia will ship Shield units from July 31

    Last month, Nvidia announced that its Shield console will not be delivered on time due to a hardware problem. Today the company announced that the consoles will be shipped very soon from July 31.

    Nvidia's handheld Android device should be now offered to the buyers who preordered it from 31 July. Before starting out on June 27, the release was canceled and postponed, as it was the time for Nvidia to fix a problem that is still difficult to identify since the firm is very evasive about its outside of a "problem with respect to a mechanical component of a third party manufacturer." We must therefore understand that Nvidia wants to offload responsibility for the problem without wanting to explain clearly.

    Still, Nvidia announced that the problem was now a thing of the past and sent emails to the buyers of the console to prevent the good news.

    Scheduled for the end of June, Nvidia had increased the price of its console to $349 from $299 a week before, suggesting that the success was not at the rendezvous.

    And it is again the case since some blogs already announced that the deadline will have been the opportunity for Nvidia to continue to provide preorders. I must say that the console will have to convince its output more than it currently seduced. It looks like a joystick with integrated touch screen operating under Android.

    The console allows you to play Android games but also some tiny screen games streamed from a PC with an Nvidia card.

    The price of the console is higher than that of the PS Vita which will also soon offer streaming, as it will become gamepad for the PlayStation 4.

    Nvidia focuses primarily on the integration of its Tegra 4 platform to attract the consumers and make the console a technological showcase.
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    Re: Nvidia will ship Shield units from July 31

    As for the Ouya console, which had been postponed for a few weeks, and buyers begin to receive the news only a few days ago, the "Shield" console from nVidia has indeed been delayed a few days too, it will be shipped in the next month first. Just so, even if the final units will actually be available until early August, Nvidia still has not specified what was the nature of the problem with the device?

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