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Thread: Opera 16 Next web browser download is now available

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    Opera 16 Next web browser download is now available

    After the release of Opera 15 final version for Windows and OS X earlier this month, the publisher announced the availability of a new beta version deployed on the distribution channel of Opera Next.

    After migrating the browser on the Chromium open source project, the development team must now incorporate many features that was previously available in older versions based on the Presto rendering engine. Thus, in its version 16, Opera includes programming interfaces of geolocation. This allows, for example, some services to offer more localized content or share its position on community networks.

    This version also supports jump lists in Windows 7 and Windows 8 to obtain dynamic previews from the taskbar. OS X on the browser now supports full integrated native screen. This beta version is based on Chromium 29.

    The Opera team has to go for a little more and try some features disabled by default and accessible from opera: flags. Among these, Digital Capture allows a Web page to access the microphone and webcam. It is also possible to activate experimental features of WebKit engine or a synchronization module.

    Thereafter the company plans precisely for bookmark sync to offer a similar service to Opera Link but also a better tab management with the ability to pin. Topics will also be developed. As explained above, Opera wants to make a clean sweep of the Favorites bar and replace it by the start page.

    Download Opera 16 Next from here -

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    Re: Opera 16 Next web browser download is now available

    In Opera there has been recently released three different channels to download the various development stages of the Opera browser. Here you can compare the channels as Dev Opera or Opera Next in principle with the available divisions and subdivisions in Google Chrome browser (Chrome Dev channel, beta channel) or the Mozilla Firefox Aurora for example.

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