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Thread: Google Groups Updated with Management Features and Moderation Tools

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    Google Groups Updated with Management Features and Moderation Tools

    Google announced the launch of a new version for its Google Groups service with the latest update.

    Over the past year, Google is working on improving Google Groups. For the record, the service resulting from the acquisition by Google and Deja News was launched in 2001. Google Groups offers to create a space for discussion, but also to check the newsgroups available in the form of official mailing lists.

    After the updates made ​​in February 2006 and December 2010, the Mountain View company said to be rolling out some new features again. Among them we find several tools to facilitate management of the communities, for example; inbox to better collaborate with other members. Messages will be sent to the same email address to co-ordinate a common project.

    This new version also offers the administrator to configure the model answers for the moderation of messages posted by members. In addition, it will be possible to review the publications waiting from a new mobile version, whether to approve or reject them.

    In 2010, Yahoo! had also begun a migration to its discussion groups before turning back to face complaints from users. For its part, Google says so far it was possible to keep the old version of Google Groups, but now it is no longer accessible.

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    Re: Google Groups Updated with Management Features and Moderation Tools

    Is anyone else, or me alone is having a problem opening the new google groups from this link - Actually, it is opening but after taking almost 10 seconds. I wonder if opening the other sections from the same link will take such enormous time? Since google has a big database with lots of bandwidth per say, then why is it taking so much time for opening its plain and simple dicussion board, lol.

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