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Thread: Download Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

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    Download Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

    Word, Excel and Powerpoint has now landed on iPhone, at least for holders of an Office 365 subscription. A dedicated application is already available on the App Store. It allows us to view, but also lets us editing of documents, as well as access to the functions of SkyDrive storage and synchronization.

    Microsoft finally extends the Office suite towards the Apple iPhone. The publisher has indeed released the application "Office Mobile" on the App Store. The access is currently limited to U.S. users, but it will be rolled out internationally in the coming days.

    The application is free (58 MB), but it will have a valid use of an Office 365 subscription. Once authenticated, the user can access documents stored online via SkyDrive or SharePoint, can view but mainly edit directly from the screen of your iPhone.

    Microsoft promises that it supports the traditional functions of its software, whether it is graphs in Excel, SmartArt illustrations in Word or using shapes with Powerpoint. It also ensures that the amended document on the iPhone will retain the formatting initially made on a computer, mobile manipulation should not degrade the formatting of a complex document.

    Access and syncing documents in SkyDrive is supported by active Internet connection. Microsoft also emphasizes the ability to create documents, use annotations and comments or access the PowerPoint presentation mode. Note that at this point, Office Mobile is optimized for the display of the iPhone (or iPod Touch): there is not (yet?) Adapted version for the iPad.

    To download the application it will ask the user to authenticate using the Office 365 account. If it has not, the subscription is proposed directly via in-app purchase, which means that Microsoft access surrenders to the Apple board (30%) related to a transaction of this type. The price is the same as that prevailing on the Web, which is 99.99 dollars for a one-year subscription in the United States. Besides access to the iPhone version, the license entitles Office 365 on up to five computers, PC or Mac, as well as 20GB of storage on SkyDrive.

    Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers can be downloaded from here.

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    Re: Download Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

    This app was announced by rumors for some time now, it was known that Microsoft had trouble negotiating with Apple for that last drop of its commission percentage. Nevertheless, it has finally arrived. At the same time, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has already stated that the Surface tablet had Office, and that the iPad did not have access.
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