Galaxy S4 is barely out and now talks on the Galaxy S5 has already started. According to a source close to Samsung, the company is already actively working on its new device, scheduled for 2014. A major overhaul of the design is intended.

The runaway success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 - with sales still seem to be slow - leaves no doubt for the arrival of a new model in the market next year. But according to a source site Android Geeks, Samsung would be planning to refresh its range of devices around the release of this new Galaxy S5 smartphone, which could be the first to be equipped with an aluminum metal body

This "Design 3.0", as it seems to be called internally, is currently going to be made up of metal: a first for the manufacturer. Due to some criticism, and competition which is now focusing on the metal body smartphone - including the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z - Samsung have finally decided to take the plunge.

This choice would have advantages, but also disadvantages: the main that could be cited is the unibody design that usually accompanies this type of smartphones, which prevents access to the battery. It is therefore not certain that all the followers of Samsung devices will adhere to the idea.

Still, this rumor is emerging for the time far from the announcement of the Galaxy S5, which should take place next year.