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Thread: Leica X Vario “Mini M” zoom compact with APS-C sensor camera announced

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    Leica X Vario “Mini M” zoom compact with APS-C sensor camera announced

    Leica has announced "X Vario" which is the first camera in the market combining an APS-C sensor and an immovable zoom.

    As announced, Leica has finally formalized today the "Mini M" camera, for which it was launched a month ago in a teasing campaign. But if it was expected that the German manufacturer launches a new midway range between M and what it called Micro M, it is in fact a variant of the latter.

    The "Leica Vario X", as the name suggests, is actually a variant to zoom Leica X range. This is the first of its kind, after a wave of compact large sensor and fixed focal length (such as the Nikon Coolpix A or Ricoh GR).

    Unfortunately this Vario-Elmar zoom equivalent to a 28-70 mm f/3.5 to 6.4 is not very wide, too faint for the segment (especially in telephoto position), but also and especially it is not retractable and too bulky compared to the 35 mm f/2.8 Leica X2.

    If it is closer to the Leica X2 as the aesthetic and ergonomic, it relies on electronics itself. It particularly features the same APS-C CMOS sensor with 16.2 million pixels and a processing chip derived for photographing up to ISO 12500 and filming in Full HD at 30 frames/s now in MP4 format. The layout of the knobs and buttons as well as the 3-inch VGA screen, however, are borrowed from the Leica M variant.

    The "Leica Vario X" will be available in Europe for the tidy sum of 2450 euros.

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    Re: Leica X Vario “Mini M” zoom compact with APS-C sensor camera announced

    So, Leica seems to be the first manufacturer to combine APS sensor and zoom lens in the same camera. The body of it is very similar to the X2, however, although the X Vario is a little higher and wider, and it incorporates the same sensor of 16MP. Some ergonomic improvements are still worth noting; as the button appears next to the shutter button to start recording a video (in Full HD with stereo sound).

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