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Thread: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700M series GPUs Announced

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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700M series GPUs Announced

    On April 1, NVIDIA announced GeForce 700M, its new mobile GPU. An announcement which was missing the GTX range. It is almost two months later Nvidia introduces its most powerful chip; the GeForce GTX 760M, 765m, 770M and 780M.

    This all chips uses the Kepler architecture deployed by NVIDIA for the GeForce GTX 680. This new range of GeForce GTX mobile GPU therefore naturally has an engraving of 28 nm, and enjoy traditional refinements onboard, 3D Vision and Optimus (one or the other).

    GPU Boost 2.0 and GeForce Experience

    Note, however, two new features compared to the previous generation of mobile GPUs are incorporated: first, these new chips take advantage of GPU Boost 2.0. An evolution that was mentioned at the launch of GeForce 700M. According to NVIDIA, it promises a boost of about 15% in advance.

    Another feature highlighted by the manufacturer is intended for gamers and is called GeForce Experience. As a reminder, the software detects the games installed on a machine and optimizes the best settings for each of them based on the performance of your configuration. These optimized parameters, applied directly to the game, are the result of multiple tests performed by teams of NVIDIA. Promising on paper, this solution is not specific to the new GTX 700M, and should work on all NVIDIA GPUs that are currently available.

    The GeForce GTX 700M in detail

    After reading the characteristics of these four mobile GPU, we note first of all that NVIDIA has extended the use of GDDR5 which is a good news. Then we see that the number of CUDA cores has changed little over the GTX 600M generation: Only the GTX 780M has increased them.

    Note that different versions of these GPUs will be available, depending on the amount of onboard memory. Several models have already got these chips: the Asus ROG G750 offers the GTX 770M or GTX 780M, MSI GE40 embarks GTX 760M, etc.

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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700M series GPUs Announced

    In a few days, Intel will also unveil its fourth generation Core processors (Haswell). NVIDIA should be a privileged partner since its new range of graphics cards was chosen to be integrated into many laptops. But the question is will the GeForce 700M would offer interesting features and deserve to stand in the market? Or will the Radeon HD 8970M is going to outbeat it in the performance? Well, only time will tell which is the best.
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