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Thread: Facebook and Twitter launch app for Google Glass

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    Facebook and Twitter launch app for Google Glass

    Google revealed last week a workshop dedicated to I/O to announce news for its Google Glass, in particular a "GDK" that will develop native applications.

    Google Glass did not have the honors of the stage during the opening keynote of Google I/O 2013 , but they were sold out during the day of a workshop than an hour entitled "Developing for Glass", that took place in much more ads.

    Applications running offline

    Timothy Jordan, spokesman for the Glass project, has announced that Google is preparing to start a Glass Developer Kit (GDK). This dedicated SDK will develop native applications running directly on the glasses, with direct access to the hardware.

    Until now, developers have to settle for the Mirror API, a programming interface based on the Internet. No code is executed on the device, which requires a permanent Internet connection.

    So with GDK, developers will be able to design most successful applications that will not depend entirely on the Internet. Recall, however, that interactions with Google Glass are the voice, and the voice recognition is done on Google's servers.

    Additional applications

    The Google I/O was also the occasion to announce a lot of applications for glasses that could not initially interact with houses like Google Now, Google+ and Gmail.

    Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc; provide access to the basic functions of their services. They allow you to share pictures and videos and access to publications.

    CNN and Elle also allow them to view and read through the news feeds, and to be alerted in case of urgent information. Finally Evernote allows you to view the notes, but not to read aloud or to dictate, at least for the moment.

    In contrast Google has not yet revealed any price range or date of the commercial launch. Meanwhile, only a few developers and "explorers" have access to this glasses.

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    Re: Facebook and Twitter launch app for Google Glass

    Thanks to the Twitter app, it will be possible to share photos, post messages, to retweet or add favorite tweets, as in the classic version of the application. Distributed currently in dribs and drabs for the privileged few customers, with 1500 dollars, Google glass should be marketed in around 2014. Mid-April, Google has finally revealed the first details of its latest toy. Some features have just been confirmed: the glasses are particularly compatible with the latest Android (4.0.3 and above) and smartphones should have sufficient autonomy to run a whole day. Their image resolution will be comparable to those projected in high definition on a big screen remote almost 2.5 m.

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