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Thread: Facebook to reveal its first phone tomorrow- January 15th

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    Facebook to reveal its first phone tomorrow- January 15th

    According to sources Facebook is planning to reveal its first phone tomorrow- January 15th. There were enough rumors previously where Facebook was going to reveal their Smartphone but they ended up revealing HTC ChaCha with an added Facebook button. Also at the F8 event in 2011, Facebook was expected to come up with their first Smartphone but they again ended up with Timeline. So this time, one cannot predict their plans.

    There are many questions running in almost every one’s mind who are keeping an eye on Facebook Smartphone rumors by now. Some of the most common questions are:

    On which operating system the Facebook Smartphone will run?

    What will be its specification?

    In which price range it’s going to fall?

    Unfortunately no information has been revealed to answer the above questions. Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS are the leading OS’s ruling the market. So at this time, many experts doubt if Facebook will come up with their own OS. Instead they are expected to come up with one of the ruling OS’s. Facebook is expected to come up with new hardware as HTC was said to be working on a Facebook handset. There are many rumors flying over the web for Facebook Smartphone but we will have to wait for one more day to catch the right one.

    We will update you all with Facebook’s further planning as soon as we get any update on it. Until then let us know what u think about the Facebook Smartphone and your expectations in your comments.

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    Re: Facebook to reveal its first phone tomorrow- January 15th

    I think they will be fooling everyone today as well like they did previously. I have a strong gut feeling for that. If I am not wrong it’s TechCrunch who have spread this news.
    There are many sites who have mentioned Facebook Smartphone will be running WebOS but Mark Zuckerberg silence is another big question, isn’t it.

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    Re: Facebook to reveal its first phone tomorrow- January 15th

    I think you are right, Mark Zuckerberg had denied that they are working on a Smartphone called ‘Facebook Phone’. He had added "It’s a juicy thing to say we’re building a phone, which is why people want to write about it. But it’s so clearly the wrong strategy for us" at a TechCrunch event in September. Even I think it’s a rumor again but this time I am having high hope, fingers crossed.

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