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Thread: Angry Birds Star Wars arrive’s on Facebook

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    Angry Birds Star Wars arrive’s on Facebook

    After hitting Android, iOS, Mac and Windows Phone 8 platform Angry Birds Star Wars has arrived Facebook. One can now enjoy the game as any other app on the social networking site. Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook has some new features where one can compare their scores with friends to compete, participate in weekly tournaments along with their friends to win in-game goodies, new power ups etc. One can also send in-game gifts to other friends playing the same game. Apart from these things Rovio will add five new levels every week so that the players stay engaged in the game.

    You can take a look of Angry Birds Star Wars UI on Facebook below:

    Angry Birds Star Wars is currently available for below platforms at different price.
    • (ios) iPhone – Rs. 55
    • (ios) iPad – Rs. 170
    • Android – Rs. 163.10
    • Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) – Rs. 270
    • Windows Phone 8 – Rs. 55
    • Windows 8 – Rs. 250 (Via Store App within Windows 8)

    Angry Birds Star Wars is said to be the best Angry Birds release by now. It has been an addictive game and now in addition with addictive social networking site, Angry Birds Star Wars is receiving a mass response. According to sources more bonuses, more goodies are on the way, so players playing this game can expect surprises in coming weeks.

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    Re: Angry Birds Star Wars arrive’s Facebook

    Hey thanks for sharing but it seem as if there is something wrong with Angry Birds Star Wars for now. I have been trying to load it since when but it is not getting loaded at all. I have tried refreshing the page many times but it gets hanged coming to the end. It won’t past the below progress bar. Has anyone else faced this issue or this is just with me??? I have tried loading other game like Poker and they are loading up straight away without any issue.

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    Re: Angry Birds Star Wars arrive’s on Facebook

    I am not sure if there is anything wrong going on with it. It’s loading up fine in my case, just try waiting for some more time and load it later and check if it gets loaded.

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    Re: Angry Birds Star Wars arrive’s on Facebook

    Same thing happens in my case as well, it seems as if it has got hanged but its just that it takes long tome to get loaded. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes in my case. It doesn't load fast like poker. Simply refreshing the page wont make any difference, instead wait until it gets loaded. If there might be loading issue then you will get a popup asking to reload, it wont get stuck in between.

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