Many of us might be aware that last month RIM had released BBM voice calling feature via the BBM v7 beta update. However they have added a new feature where users can make call over wifi. This update is now available in BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 6 OS and higher. On the other hand RIM has planned to roll out this update for BlackBerry 5 OS later this year. This new BBM 7 update is not available in app store currently and might take some time to appear. This new feature will allow BlackBerry 5 OS, BlackBerry 6 OS and higher user to save money for making calls mostly international calls.

Other than this BBM 7 update comes up with
User’s notifications which will notify a user whenever an update will be available for download via the app
BB ID Synchronization which can be used for linking BBM profile, Groups and Contacts with BlackBerry ID
New 16 Emotions

Key features of voice calling via BBM are as followed:
  • Users can initiate a BBM Voice call directly and can switch from BBM text chat to talk vice versa
  • Split-screen feature will allow users to talk and text at the same time
  • Being engaged on a BBM Voice call a user can check BBM text chats, email and even navigate to other apps at the same time
  • Visual indicator will show which contacts will be available for voice call and which will be not
  • BBM Voice is also compatible with accessories like Bluetooth headset, wired headset and it can be used over speakerphone as well.