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Thread: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes up with better security features

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    Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes up with better security features

    As we know many Smartphone Android users were getting affected by malicious application by now. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has come up with better security features for protecting users from malicious applications. One doesn’t have to install any application separately. The new security feature is built in Android 4.2 itself and is similar to Bouncer feature which was rolled out in Google Play store previously. However, Android users who load application form other unsecure sources are still at risk.

    In order to get the security feature working one will have to enable ‘verify app’ feature from ‘Security’ section of Android 4.2 settings. One enabled, every application that will get download will have to pass through sandbox and other similar Security’ software’s within device. While starting download a user will get pop-up box asking whether he/she wants to check the application for harmful behavior. Once that request is accepted their Android 4.2 device will send information related to that application to Google’s servers for cross check with the known applications in Google’s database. If that application is not listed on Google Play store than it will be passed through some other test and
    Google will finally let you know if it is safe to download it or not. If that application is reported as harmful and if one still wants to continue with the installation than they won’t be forced. This new security feature will just share the information tracked regarding the application in testing and will present one with the same. Installing or discarding the download is still in control of the users.

    Google has assured that downloading and installation process of applications won’t be slowed down to much extent. It might take some seconds as most of the processing will take place on Google server and users just have to send an APK signature of that application to them. Other than this Google has also introduced improved app permissions screen and a scanning feature which will detect if any application is sending any kind of information over the web. If traced user will get an alert for the same and he/she will have the option for allowing or denying the information that might be getting shared.

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    Re: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes up with better security features

    In short all third party android application developers will get affected by this. I mean their application will be reported as threat while downloading or installing?? Is that the new security feature all about??? It seems as if Google just want their android users to download application from Google play store only.

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    Re: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes up with better security features

    No its not like that, if a specific application is not found in Google play store than it will have to undergo some other test and only after that Google will let users know whether it is safe to download it or not. I think it is a Good step from Google. There are many developers who create malicious application and upload it at their source. Users get attracted by their names and without doing much research on it download it and run in to issues later. Third party applications that are uploaded in Google play store are thoroughly checked by Google, if any malicious thing is found in that application than it is suspended. I think this security features will be very helpful.

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    Re: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes up with better security features

    I wish Google could come up with an application having same security feature of Android 4.2. There are many third-party application out there for securing downloads and installation of application but I guess only Google can handle android os at its best, they might be aware of all the loop holes and backdoors.

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