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Thread: OwnFone: world's first customizable mobile phone

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    OwnFone: world's first customizable mobile phone

    While smartphones are becoming more and more "intelligent", a new ultra-simplified type phone made ​​its appearance in the United Kingdom.

    Forget voice recognition, geo-location services or surfing the Internet, the company CyCell Limited is a mobile phone market that unveils its first customizable phone called "OwnFone". Reserved to the UK market, the phone must be ordered on its web page to be customized. The customer is able to add their own keys to dial the favorite contacts. It is possible to choose 2, 4, 8 or 12 pre-configured number and the color of the phone and the design of the chassis.

    Ironically, OwnFone can not dial a number manually but it is still possible to add a button to the emergency services. OwnFone is marketed with three types of packages offering 50, 100 or 500 minutes of talk time.

    CyCell specifies that the devices are barely larger than a credit card (7 mm thick and weighs 40g) and have certain advantages over different smartphones. Besides ease of use, these phones would propose a high cycle battery. Insofar as they have been customized with some phone numbers, the OwnFone show no interest in a pick-pocket. Finally they are coupled with packages without obligation.

    CyCell sells these devices at 55 pounds Sterling or 70 Euro.

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    Re: OwnFone: world's first customizable mobile phone

    As per the pics, the phone looks very trendy, but when India or its mobile phone market are going to release such phones. By the way, nothing is mentioned about what kind of material will this phone bear, seems like plastic coated all over the mobile body to me or perhaps it could be the rubber, can anyone confirm the same.

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