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Thread: Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked With New Pics And Features

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    Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked With New Pics And Features

    The next major update of the mobile operating system from Microsoft is gradually revealed and a development kit has been unofficially released on the Internet.

    Last month, Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore, officials within the department of Windows Phone at Microsoft, showed the new Windows Phone 8 is to be expected this fall. The site says that it spotted the SDK for Windows Phone 8, which reveals a few other features on the mobile OS. The blog published a series of shots.

    Microsoft has already announced that in order to facilitate cross-platform application development, the core of the OS will be shared with this Windows 8. In addition to make better voice recognition, the user will benefit from multitasking for messaging applications and the NFC chip will be accompanied by a portfolio called Virtual Wallet. Professional side, Microsoft Office would be more secure and businesses will be able to deploy their own applications with ecosystem.

    Through the SDK, it appears that Windows Phone 8 propose to automatically backup applications, and SMS settings on Microsoft's servers. The mechanism thus resembles synchronization implemented in Windows 8. For photos and video, developers should be able to take advantage of new APIs to automatically upload the mobile media on servers of a third party site. According to the same SDK, applications could be based on speech recognition technology proposed by Bing while operators would be able to interfere applications directly on the SIM card.

    In addition, Windows Phone 8 will not propose simply to customize dynamic thumbnails of the home screen but will also display the locked phone. Finally, addition of new color themes and support for SD cards include the ability to view their data consumption, share data via NFC, to find Xbox Smartglasses or view attachments received by email directly into the Office hub.

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    Re: Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked With New Pics And Features

    In terms of pure functionality now, third-party applications can be controlled by voice. Finally, OneNote will be also dictated by voice. In short, they let you browse the gallery of screenshots to get an idea of ​​these new products. Though this news is not yet been announced officially, it will be good if microsoft can consider all this things.

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