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Thread: Valve announces Steam for Ubuntu on its way

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    Valve announces Steam for Ubuntu on its way

    In late April, some screenshots revealed that there was some interest by making a Valve Steam client compatible with Linux. Now those who are responsible for the platform, confirmed by creating a blog specifically for this project. In its first article reveal, first hand, Gabe Newell himself has long been interested in creating a Linux version of Steam.

    The main interest of Valve on the Linux platform, for now, is to launch a fully functional version of Steam for Ubuntu. For them, Ubuntu is the best distribution to start in the world of Linux distributions, and ensure that it will not be unique: although eventually Steam versions will appear for other distributions. The following will launch a polished version of the game Left 4 Dead 2, which is already a version tested for Linux. And from there, it is going to expand.

    Valve also accepts suggestions from users themselves, in an attempt to launch on the Linux platform. Steam did something similar when it came to OS X, by launching a beta version, where we could play Team Fortress 2 and download Portal for free.

    It is impossible not to recall the sound of Steam becoming a sort of cross-platform app store: the arrival of Linux would not only be advantageous in the event, promoting both the Steam itself as the popularity of open source systems. Valve have its flaws, but its future is promising.

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    Re: Valve announces Steam for Ubuntu on its way

    This project is now at an advanced stage because the developers explain that "the Steam client running on Ubuntu will be available with all the major features." Left 4 Dead 2, which will be proposed to launch for the client, also now works natively on Ubuntu 12.04, but the team said there is still work to achieve performance similar to the Windows version. Since Valve hasnt given any release date for same, but a beta will be put forward for users for sure.

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